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Wheel sand washer

Wheel sand washer

Wheel sand washer or wheel bucket sand washer is a kind of sand washing machine which can clean and separate the stone powder mud in sand and gravel.


Wheel sand washer or wheel bucket sand washer is a kind of sand washing machine which can clean and separate the stone powder mud in sand and gravel, its novel sealing structure and reliable transmission device ensure the efficiency of cleaning and dewatering.

It is widely used in sand washing industries of sand and gravel quarries, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station, etc.

The motor drives the wheel bucket for rotation via v-belt, reducer and gears. Sand is fed from the feeding chute to the washing tank, tumbling with the wheel impeller and grinding each other, it removes the impurities covering the sand surface.

Meanwhile water is continuously feeding to form strong water flow, it takes away the impurities and light materials via the discharge gate, thus completes the cleaning.

Working principle

• A solids and water mixture is fed into the trough, in a low turbulent flow, where the decantation take place

• The material feed is located in opposite side of the product discharge

• The solids settle

• The trough has sloping walls to collect these solids in the trough center

• The buckets from the rotating wheel dredge these solids and then drop from the buckets into the discharge chute

• The water flowing towards the overflow


• Trough with feed box

• Discharge chute

• Double sided overflow box

• Transversal beam which support the drive assembly and bucket wheels

• Optimal sand discharge with efficient dewatering effect

• Low wear

• Low energy consumption


1. The loss of medium and fine sand is very small, and the sand fineness grade meets the national industry standards.

2. The machine has almost no wearing parts except for the screen mesh and V-belts.

3. Save water resources, high washing degree.

4. Working noise is low, it meets the national environmental protection standards.

5. Low investment, large processing capacity, low power consumption, effectively saving production cost.

6. Well designed structures, and effective sealing design, it ensures the wheel sand washer stable work for long time without maintenance.

Technical data

Wheel diameter(mm)2200260029003500
Rotation Speed(r/min)1-21-20.8-1.50.8-1.2
Overall size(mm)3150×1910×22803520×2390×26903820×2640×32004420×2930×3800

Note: According to different materials, feed size and other factors, the results will be different. Contact Deya team for more information.

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