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Sand washing & recycling

Sand washing & recycling

The equipment integrates sand washing, dewatering and fine sand recovering. It combines the sand washing machine with the dewatering screen and fine sand recovery.


The equipment integrates sand washing, dewatering and fine sand recovering. It combines the sand washing machine with the dewatering screen and fine sand recovery. The washed sand is cleaner, which solves the problems of excessive moisture, large mud content, dust, and impurities in the sand washing field, and also solves the problem of fine sand loss.

Working principle

The equipment key parts include high pressure separator, dewatering screen, impeller separator, reducer, vacuum high-pressure pump, cleaning box, high water return tank, motor, vibration motor.

After the raw materials enter the cleaning tank, they roll under the drive of the washing wheel and has full contact with water for cleaning. At the same time, clean water keeps increasing, which takes away the impurities in time.

As the washing wheel rolls, the cleaned materials are sent to the dewatering screen, after dewatering materials will be further sent to the conveyor belt.

The overflow waste water from the washing tank, which may contain a large amount of fine sand, mud, dust and other impurities, is transported to the cyclone for centrifugal grading and concentration through the vacuum high-pressure pump.

Fine sand is discharged into the upper layer of the dewatering screen through the sand nozzle, and the remaining waste water is discharged into the high return tank through the cyclone overflow.


The sand washing and recycling machine combines the advantages of wheel sand washer and fine sand recycling, it includes spraying device, backwater protection, concealed flow pipe, secondary separation device.

The mud and sand are separated in the first cleaning operation, which can effectively remove most of the mud and ensure that the second cleaning operation is carried out in cleaner water, thus improving the quality of the finished sand.

This equipment is mainly suitable for natural sand or mechanism sand with high mud content or high adhesion, and also suitable for sand and gravel production with high quality requirements for finished sand.

Technical data

ModelWasher diameter
Overall size

Note: According to different materials, feed size and other factors, the results will be different. Contact Deya team for more information.

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