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River sand gravel screening & crushing plant

Basic information

●Material, river sand and pebbles

●Feeding capacity 200 tons per hour

●Product, nature sand, nature round gravel, crushed sand, 3/8'', 3/4'', G1

Screening & crushing in details

1. Raw materials loading and separation

All raw materials are loaded to a grizzly hopper, large than 500mm will be separated.

Grizzly feeder separates above 80mm and below

2. Washing and separation part, about 80 tons per hour

Less than 80mm will be sent to a two layer grizzly screen, mesh size 3/8’’ and 1’’

On the top of the grizzly screen, water sprays are added for washing, under size materials 0-3/8’’ or calls S1 will be sent to a wheel sand washer or screw sand washer for washing to get final product 1 (nature sand)

3/8’’ to 1’’ as final product 2 (nature round gravel)

Over size 1’’ to 80mm will be sent back to the main belt conveyor to join the crushed products by primary jaw crusher.

3. Two stages crushing, about 120 tons per hour

● Gravel 80 to 500mm are crushed by primary jaw crusher, with C.S.S.(closed side setting) size 100mm, crushed materials together with 1’’ to 80mm are sent to 4.25ft symons cone crusher

● The 4.25ft symons cone crusher with C.S.S. 20mm crushes the materials, full choke feeding with compress crushing and multi-material-layer crushing gives a better shape of crushed gravel and sand.

4. Screening and washing for crushed materials

Crushed gravel and sand are sent to a second 4 layer circular vibrating screen, mesh size 5mm, 3/8’’, 3/4’’, 1’’, it get crushed products, namely sand S1, 5mm to 3/8’’, 3/8’’ to 3/4’’, 3/4’’ to G1.

Above 1’’ will be sent back to the symons cone crusher. S1 sand will be washed by a wheel sand washer or a screw sand washer.

●Equipment will be connected by belt conveyors.


1. Nature sand and gravel are separated from crushed sand and gravel, which sells at different prices

2. Reasonable design and heavy duty equipment guarantee stable production, less shutdown time

3. Full service from A to Z, consulting, designing, quotation sheet, production, delivery, installation, commissioning and training.

4. Automatic running with PLC monitoring system.

5. It mainly produces gravel 3/4 to G1, if need more smaller sizes sand and gravels, recommend three stage crushing.

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Photos from the crusher plant working site, installation to production

Crushing plant 1Crushing plant 2


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