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Spiral classifier

Spiral classifier

Spiral classifier using separation by gravity covering the size range of 100 to 1000 microns. It is designed for non-stop operation and are solid, durable and possess a rigid tank and frame.


Spiral classifier using separation by gravity covering the size range of 100 to 1000 microns.

It is designed for non-stop operation and are solid, durable and possess a rigid tank and frame.

The tank is available in several configurations and can be supplied with additional pipes for connections to the overflow. The level of overflow is controlled using weir bars.

Deya Machinery spiral classifiers offer a wide choice of options in the detail of their construction, some of these are:

• Diameter of rake spiral

• Type of wear shoes, wearable alloy or polyurethane

• Number of spiral rake per classifier

• Flare and angle of inclination of tank

• Submerged bearing housing construction material

• Speed of rotation of the shaft

• Hydraulic spiral lifting device can be supplied as an option.

Working principle

Spiral classifier is one common equipment used for classification in most processing industries. This equipment has one or two spirals revolving slowly and freely on an inclined tank without touching the sides or the bottom. Its classification is based on the size and the specific gravity of the particles in the pool. It has a maintain mechanism for continuously conveying and draining of the settled material by the revolving spirals and simultaneously decants water and fine materials over the overflow weir. This equipment is generally preferred because it produces less turbulence in the settling tank, which is good for finer separations.

Spiral Classifier tank type

Classifier tank is manufactured in different configurations, each of which is designed to satisfy the specific needs of the required application with regard to the surface area of the pool and the speed of overflow.

• Straight side, for coarse separations.

• Modified flare, increases pool area for intermediate to fine separations and for washing and dewatering.

• Full flare, maximum pool area for fine to very fine separations and for washing and dewatering where large volumes of water are to be handled.

No mater what tank type, there are single or double pitch spirals for option

• Single pitch spiral consist of one continuous spiral ribbon.
• The double pitch spiral has twice the raking capacity of a single pitch assembly and consists of two duplicate spiral ribbons.

Key part submerged bearing

The submerged bearing supports the lower section of the rake and is attached to it by flanges.

The bearing mechanism comprises one or more high-performance ball or roller bearings, which are housed inside a specially designed casing.

The bearing are protected against infiltration or contamination from outside by a set of lip-seal joints and a labyrinth joint.

Spiral classifier or spiral concentrator?

Spiral Classifier is very efficient wet classifier typically used for classification, gravity separation and dewatering.

While spiral concentrator uses gravity to separate particles of different densities. It should not be confused with a spiral classifier which usually separates particles of different size.

Spiral concentrator consists of one or more helical profiled troughs supported on a central column. As slurry travels down the spiral high and low density particles are stratified and separated with adjustable splitters at the end of the spiral.

Technical data

ModelSpiral diameterTrough lengthRotation speedCapacity(T/D)Power(KW)Overall sizeWeight

Note: Base on different materials, feed size, material abrasiveness and other factors, the data may be different. Contact Deya team for more information.

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