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Hydraulic Jaw Crusher


PEY series hydraulic protection stone jaw crusher with overload protection function, when unbreakable materials enters the crushing cavity, the equipment load rises sharply.

Meanwhile hydraulic protection device start to work to make the unbreakable materials unload immediately, thus avoiding impact to jaw crusher due to the sudden increase of load.

It solves the “steel blocking” problem in crushing materials effectively. PEY hydraulic protection jaw crusher is mostly used for the crushing of metallurgical steel slag.


Hydraulic protection jaw crusher is mainly used for steel slag processing plant since 1994, it is improved by Deya Machinery and exported to several countries.

Applicable materials: mainly used for steel slag primary crushing, secondary crushing

Features of Hydraulic Protection Jaw Crusher

Hydraulic protection jaw crusher with adjustable rated load, which can be used for crushing different compression strength materials selectively.

Hydraulic protection jaw crusher with reliable protection system, it discharges unbreakable materials automatically, which solves the “steel blocking” problem in steel slag crushing plant.

Automatically recovered after the discharge of unbreakable steel, it realizes continuous production without any stop, refer attached testing video of hydraulic jaw crusher in deya machinery workshop.

With support of the hydraulic station, the single hydraulic cylinder can adjust jaw crusher discharge opening, meanwhile it can discharge unbreakable material, which will not cause the unsynchronized phenomenon, it protects moving jaw during working.

The PEY series jaw crusher with hydraulic station and PLC automatic control system

The PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher is equipped position sensor, it can effectively display the discharge opening size.

Technical data

ModelMax feed sizeC.S.S. rangeCapacityOil cylinder
max stroke

Note: Base on different materials, feed size, material abrasiveness and other factors, the data will be different. Contact Deya team for more information.

Successfully testing in workshop

hydraulic jaw crusher

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