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How to choose between a wheel sand washer and screw sand washer


In sand and gravel production, sand washer is an essential equipment, it is the washing equipment of sand and gravel, which includes artificial sand and natural sand.

Sand washer is widely used in sand and gravel quarries, mining, building materials, concrete mixing station and other industries to wash and select materials.

It can remove the impurities covering the surface of sand and gravel, and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand particles for dewatering, it plays an efficient washing and cleaning role and improve the quality of the sand.

Working principle

Wheel sand washer working principle

Wheel sand washer is the washing equipment for artificial sand, also including natural sand.

During work, motor drives the impeller slowly through the v-belt, reducer and gears, and the sand enters the washing tank, tumbles under the impeller and grinds each other to remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand.

Water is added to form a strong water flow, which will take away the impurities with small specific gravity in time, and discharge from the overflow outlet washing tank to complete the cleaning action. The clean sand is taken away by the wheels and discharged.

Screw sand washer working principle

Screw sand washer or spiral sand washer is to use the principle of different material particle size and density has different settling speed in the fluid, namely smaller particle size and density settling speed is slow, while larger particle size and density settling speed is faster.

This characteristics and principle separates dust and powder from the sand. Under the steadily rotation and stirring of spiral plates, it achieves the aim of removing impurities, filtering, lifting and conveying, thus to get clean sand.

Sand washer features

Wheel sand washer features

1. Wheel bucket sand washer has simple structures, the drive bearings are isolated from water and wet materials, this design avoid the occurrence of bearing damage caused by water immersion, greatly reduce the accident rate

2. Fine sand and power loss is little, the washed sand can meet high standards of construction use

3. Almost no wearing parts except for the mesh, long term stable operation with little maintenance

4. Save water resources, high washing degree

5. Working noise is low, it meets the national environmental protection standards

6. Low investment, large processing capacity, low power consumption, effectively saving production cost

Screw sand washer features

Screw sand washer is divided into single screw sand washer and twin screw sand washer, which is mainly used for sand washing, grading, removing impurities to get clean sand.

The screw sand washer is characterized by long spiral body, special type seal design, simple structure, large processing capacity, convenient maintenance and parts replacement, low water content and mud content of the sand output.

It also has small power consumption and high washing degree.

Good sealing structure, fully enclosed transmission device and adjustable weir plate ensure high efficiency, durability, good cleaning and dewatering effect, and stable fine-grained products.


Wheel sand washer has simple structure, few wearing parts, need little space for installation. The wheel drive bearing device is isolated from water and wet materials, which basically avoids the phenomenon of bearing damage caused by water, sand and pollutants and greatly reduces the failure rate.

Screw sand washer has a narrower figure and adopts a horizontal structure, which is simple and straightforward, but its installation arrangement is not as convenient as the wheel sand washer

Loss of sand during washing

For wheel sand washer, the water consumption in the sand washing process is less, and the loss of fine sand and stone powder is small, the cleaned sand gradation and fineness modulus can meet the construction standards for sand.

While screw sand washer has higher loss of fine sand in the washing process, that’s why the sand after washing looks cleaner.

Washing capability

Wheel sand washer is generally below 100 tons, so it is suitable for small and medium capacity sand production line system.

Screw sand washer has powerful cleaning capacity, which can effectively clean sand and gravel with serious muddy impurities, and is often configured in large sand production lines.

Sand washer price

The price of wheel sand washer is relatively low, it belongs to the economic type of high-efficiency sand washing equipment, and its operating cost is also low.

The price of the screw sand washer is relatively high, it belongs to the high-grade type of sand washing equipment with large output.

Singe or twin washers?

Wheel sand washer can freely choose to increase the number of sand washing wheel according to the sand and gravel situation, so this equipment has single impeller, double impellers or triple impellers for option. It can also install a fine sand recovery device on the side of the equipment, it is convenient to achieve this.

If the sand materials contain a lot powder or impurities, screw sand washer gets cleaner sand due to the length washing pace. Both singe screw and twin screw sand washers are available in Deya Machinery.

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