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Double roll crusher 2PG900x900 for hard materials fine crushing


Double roll crusher is widely used for crushing low and medium hardness materials, but generally speaking, it is not suitable for crushing hard materials.

For this reason, Henan Deya Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed 2PG900×900 double roll crusher for crushing hard materials such as quartzite, and achieved better results.

The characteristics of the existing fine crushing equipment

At present, the equipment used for fine crushing of various types of rocks mainly includes high pressure grinding rolls, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, VSI sand making machine and double roll crushers, etc., and some mining sites are equipped with rod mills for sand production as well.

It is found that the market share of φ610mm×400mm double roll crusher is high. Its advantages are simple structure, low price, easy maintenance, no over crushing phenomenon, balanced crushing size, low failure rate, low machine wear and tear.

Its wearing parts, namely the rollers are made of high manganese steel, service life of 2 to 3 months.

The disadvantage is that the roll size is small, the process capacity is low, which does not meet the current requirements of high capacity and low consumption, and it can only be used for crushing of low and medium hardness materials.

Structural features of 2PG900×900 double roll crusher

2PG900×900 double roll crusher has 900mm outer diameter and length of rolls, and its assembly diagram is shown in the following picture

double roll crusher

Compared with the commonly used double roll crusher, Deya machinery new designed roll crusher has the following features

1. The motor and reducer are driven by universal coupling, it is more powerful transmission.

2. The movable roller part and fixed roller part are connected with the reducer by universal coupling also, which can increase the adjustment range of movable roller on one hand, and play a certain safety protection role on the other hand, to protect the reducer and motor from being destroyed by the sudden increase of load.

3. The roller is the core part of the double roll crusher. The roller is connected to the 2 cone sleeves and wedge iron on the main shaft through the tapered surface and keys at both ends, and its structure is simple and easy to disassemble.

The roller is cast in high manganese steel, and its surface hardness can reach HB 450 after water toughness treatment, machining and specific treatment.

After it is put into production, the surface hardness can eventually reach more than HB 600 due to the unique work-hardening characteristics of high manganese steel itself.

Moreover, as the surface hardening layer wears away, a new work-hardening layer is formed continuously.

4. The safety adjusting device is simple in structure and easy to use, and the crushing force is all borne by the spring and pull rod.

When unbreakable material enters the crushing cavity, the spring compresses to increase the gap between the two rollers and the unbreakable material is discharged from the machine.

5. The frame and base are box-shaped structure with high strength and good safety.

Comparison of economic benefits

The double roll crusher 2PG900x900 was formally charged and operated in a local stone plant in August 2009 and achieved significant economic and social benefits. The machine is compared with the φ610 mm×400 mm double roll crusher listed in the following table

Double Roll Crusher Performance Comparison

ModelCapacityFeed sizeDischarge sizeMotorWearing parts costReplacement cycle
TPHMMMMRotation/RPMPower/KWU.S.D. Per tonPer week
Φ610x400mm2-320-30Less than 445-652x150.68-12
Φ900x900mm9-1330-40Less than 440-902x370.4516-24

As can be seen from above table, the 2PG900×900 double roll crusher has obvious advantages, which are mainly reflected in

1. High efficiency and low energy consumption

Based on the production of 10 t of finished product, the 2PG900×900 double roll crusher consumes 57-82 kW-h, while the φ610mm×400 mm double roll crusher consumes 100-150 kW-h.

2. Large production capacity

The output of 2PG900×900 double roll crusher is 4.3~4.5 times of φ610 mm×400 mm double roll crusher.

3. Low consumption of wearing parts and low maintenance cost

The replacement cycle of wearing parts of 2PG900×900 double roll crusher is 1 times longer than that of φ610 mm×400 mm double roll crusher, and the average consumption cost per ton of finished product is 75% of that of φ610 mm×400 mm double roll crusher.


2PG900×900 double roll crusher has simple structure, easy to operate, it can crush hard materials, and has remarkable energy-saving and consumption-reducing effect. Welcome to contact us for more information about the double roll crusher.


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