The vertical shaft impact crusher, referred to as VSI, has a unique role in the artificial sand making field nowadays.
After the cone crusher, it is the only machine with selective and mixed crushing in the range of 360 degrees. The linear speed of its rotor impeller is very high, so it has advantages of high efficiency and energy saving comparing with other types of sand making machines. Because of its unique mixed crushing ability, its products have no irregular grain shape such as needle, flake, tip and bar; therefore, it is the preferred equipment in the field of the construction of high-rise buildings, reservoirs and dams, high-speed railroads and highways, ports, urban construction, etc.

Based on the introduction and absorption of advanced technology of international counterparts and combined with the actual situation in China, our company has developed a new generation of vertical shaft impact crusher. The new unique structure and thin oil lubrication configuration completely solve the previous lubrication drawbacks, making the heart of the machine – the rotor device more stable and reliable.

This series of equipment has a clear positioning

  1. Wide range of adaptable material hardness up to ≤350MPa.
  2. Wide range of crushing ratio up to ≤10.
  3. Optimized range of power consumption: 1 ton/0.67-1 KW.

The impeller cavity of this machine is one-way backward structure, so the rotation direction of the impeller must be restricted. Its rotation direction must be overlooking the impeller as a counterclockwise turn, and must not reverse the rotation. The VSI sand making machine is best adapted to the moisture content of raw materials within 12%.

Structure & working principle

The vertical shaft impact crusher is mainly composed of top cover, observation door, crushing chamber, guardrail, motor and motor frame, main frame, impeller, rotor, v-belt, electric control cabinet and thin oil lubrication station, etc.

The raw material enters the impeller from the center hole of the cover in free fall, and is rapidly accelerated to ≤70m/s in the impeller cavity and then thrown out and impacted on the impacting blocks around the crushing cavity, the crushing occurs in this instant and is carried out continuously. The huge impact force breaks the weak link in the natural bonding surface between the grains inside the stone, and the particles collide and rub against each other, making the shape of the particles closer to the polygon; therefore, this selective crushing method makes the VSI extraordinary crushing efficiency.

The lubrication system is low-pressure and low-flow continuous cooling lubrication state, the bearings are constantly cleaned for stable and reliable operation.

Model & technical data