Waste trommel

What is a waste trommel

Waste trommel is for municipal solid waste sorting, by using central axis of the drum for rotation to complete the screening process.

What is the sieve of waste trommel

Sieve is a kind of well-distributed holes or grids which is produced by wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, it has screening effect on garbage of different particle sizes. Typical type of sieve is made by perforated plate with modular interchangeable screen sections per customer requirements.

What is the bag breaker

It is installed in the waste trommel for opening plastic bags, it is typically used to release materials retained in bags such as household waste which has not been shredded before screening. After the bags breaking, it will be good for further screening by waste trommel.

Drum length and diameter

It refers waste trommel inner drum diameter and total length of the screening drum.

Bag broken rate

It shows the breaking rate of plastic bags, formula as follows


Q refers breaking rate with unit of %
S1 refers total input bags with unit of pieces
S2 refers output un-breaking bags with unit of pieces

Screening efficiency

It refers materials after screening, the ratio of undersize materials weight and total possible undersize materials weight, formula as follows


N refers screening efficiency with unit of %
M1 refers undersize materials weight with unit of tons
M2 refers feeding materials that can potentially pass the mesh size with unit of tons

Types of Waste trommel

– According to the type of sieve, woven type, perforated plate type
– According to the breaking knife, breaking knife type, non breaking knife type

Model naming

The model name includes waste trommel types code, model code, drum diameter code, drum length code and manufacturing code, etc. Typical model name as follows,

For example


PGS refers waste trommel with breaking knife
B refers Perforated plate sieve, while W refers woven type sieve
20 means drum inner diameter 2000mm
60 means drum total length 6000mm
DY is short for Deya Machinery

Inner drum diameter 2400mm, total length of drum 8000mm, woven type sieve without breaking knife can be named as NPGSW2480DY

Structure of waste trommel

Refer attached picture trommel structure:
waste trommel structure
1—-Waste trommel drum
2—-Drum cover
3—-Feeding part
4—-Transmission part
5—-Material feeding chute
6—-Supporting roller
7—-Main frame
8—-Supporting legs
D—-drum diameter
L—-drum length
Φ—mesh hole diameter
n—-number of holes
P—-central distance better two ring rolls
h—-discharge height
H—-feeding height
M—-supporting roller radial direction distance
N—-supporting roller axial direction distance

Main technical parameters of waste trommel

Rotation speed
Breaking rate
Screen efficiency
1200 4-8 0-14.6 ≥20 60-90 70-90 4.0-5.5
1600 5-9 0-14.8 ≥42 60-90 70-90 5.5-7.5
1800 6-10 0-12.2 ≥50 60-90 70-90 7.5-11
2000 8-11 0-13.7 ≥63 60-90 70-90 11-15
2200 9-12 0-12.8 ≥70 60-90 70-90 15-18.5
2500 10-15 0-12.6 ≥84 60-90 70-90 18.5-22

This standards were originally composed by Henan Deya Machinery Company Limited, reference based on CJ/T 460-2014 released on 2014-09-11.