VSI Sand crusher use & maintenance

How to use VSI sand crusher? Precautions for use

1. VSI sand crusher observation door

VSI sand crusher before use, after closing the observation door, the pin must be locked with a cotter pin to prevent the pin from being taken off the machine due to vibration, be cautious to avoid the accidents!

2. VSI sand crusher Impeller

(1)The upper and lower runner plates in the impeller cavity are wearing parts, they need to be inspected and replaced frequently; the replacement should be weighed per single piece, the comparison error should be not more than 25 grams; the impeller should be checked for the balance first, only it is qualified can it be installed on the rotor.

When installing the lower runner plate, it needs to take out the dividing cone at the bottom of the impeller first, and then push the impeller runner plate toward the center of the impeller to exit the slot.

For the upper runner plate, it needs to take out the top ring of the impeller first, and other ways are the same as above.

(2)Timely inspection and cleaning of the impeller cavity
Part of the material accumulates inside the impeller after long-term work, and this part of the material affects the efficiency of the impeller throwing.

3. Impact chamber

There is a layer of impact blocks connected to each other around the inner circumference of the impact chamber, each block is mounted on the impact block frame and then fixed to the wall of the impact chamber.
The wear and tear of the impact blocks in the crushing chamber should be checked regularly and replaced and adjusted in time. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine before the observation door is closed! It is strictly forbidden to open the observation door during equipment running!

4. Precautions when start and stop of the VSI sand crusher

Start the lubricating oil station first before start the equipment, and start the main equipment only after ten minutes of lubrication station’s operation.

When stopping the equipment, stop the main equipment first, lubrication station will be stopped only after the main equipment is fully stopped.

VSI sand crusher lubrication station system

1. Rotor and lubrication station

The structure of the rotor is complicated, refer to the attached drawing and list.
Notes on the rotor, the rotor is the heart of the machine, and the oil cleanliness is the main factor to decide whether the rotor can work continuously; therefore, the following points are recommended.
(1) Most areas use 46# anti-wear mechanical oil in summer, 30# in cold season, and 68# in some high temperature areas.
(2) every two months to filter, add or replace for new oil.
(3) If there is a need to open the rotor, each part must be cleaned and then assembled, here also include the impurities in each threaded hole.
(4) The dust and water in the oil must be thoroughly removed, lubrication station needs a separate space to isolate the outside dust infringement.

Lubrication system pressure adjustment, adjust the lubrication system pressure for 0.3MPa, if the pressure is unstable, it needs to clean up the lubrication station outlet and inlet oil, also the oil filter.

Lubrication station oil temperature range is set to 10 ° ~ 40 °, if the temperature is higher than 40 °, the cooling device will be started; if the temperature is lower than 10 °, the heating system will be started.

2. Adjustment of flow rate

Adjust only after the oil inlet pipe and return pipe are installed!

(1) First, fix the arrow of the flow switch between 8L/min
(2) Turn off the pressure relief valve next to the radiator
(3) Start the oil station, lubrication normal indicator light on
(4)The turned off the pressure relief valve will be open 1/5 turn every 2 minutes, until the lubrication normal light turn out (remember this position)
(5) turn off the oil station, adjust the pressure relief valve (from the marked position) backward 1/2 turn
(6) Start the oil station, lubrication indicator is turned on, it is end of the adjustment

VSI sand crusher wearing parts list

Key wearing parts list as follows:

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