VSI Sand crusher use & maintenance

How to use VSI sand crusher? Precautions for use

1. VSI sand crusher observation door

VSI sand crusher before use, after closing the observation door, the pin must be locked with a cotter pin to prevent the pin from being taken off the machine due to vibration, be cautious to avoid the accidents!

2. VSI sand crusher Impeller

(1)The upper and lower runner plates in the impeller cavity are wearing parts, they need to be inspected and replaced frequently; the replacement should be weighed per single piece, the comparison error should be not more than 25 grams; the impeller should be checked for the balance first, only it is qualified can it be installed on the rotor.

When installing the lower runner plate, it needs to take out the dividing cone at the bottom of the impeller first, and then push the impeller runner plate toward the center of the impeller to exit the slot.

For the upper runner plate, it needs to take out the top ring of the impeller first, and other ways are the same as above. Read more