Shaking table

What are the characteristics of the shaking table?

Shaking table beneficiation is a process that uses the combined effect of mechanical shaking and water flushing to separate the ore particles by density. Shaking table is the main equipment of the gravity concentration plant, its distinctive feature is the high ratio of rich ore, it is often used to obtain the final concentrate, and at the same time can select the final tailings, can effectively deal with fine grain materials. The upper limit of particle size is 3mm, and the lower limit is 0.4mm if cassiterite and wolframite are selected, and it is mostly used to separate materials below 1 mm. The structure of the shaking table is more complex, less convenient operation, productivity is also lower, occupying a large plant area. These shortcomings are in the research and improvement.

According to the different particle sizes of the minerals sorted, it can be divided into three types, namely coarse sand shaking table, which processing minerals larger than 0.5mm, fine sand shaking table, which processing minerals between 0.5-0.07mm, and slime shaking table, which processing minerals between 0.074-0.037mm. The difference between them mainly lies in the different forms of table rifling strips.
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