Roll crusher installation, operation and maintenance

Roll crusher installation and empty run test

1. Installation of the roll crusher

The roll crusher should not be stacked for a long time in an unventilated place where it is easy to rust. The roll crusher can be installed on a concrete foundation or on the floor of a building. In order to better withstand the uneven force generated by the machine at work, wooden strips are placed under the bottom frame so that the whole machine fits the strips, and when it comes to the steel plate weld, the strips are shoveled lower in this position so that the strips can also fit the steel plate weld.

For the installation position of the roll crusher, please refer to the layout drawing. The square holes are reserved on the foundation for installing the ground bolts and secondary pouring mortar.

2. Empty run test of roll crusher

(1) Check the relative position between the parts, which should be in accordance with the drawing requirements.
(2) The roll crusher should be tested in empty loading for 4h after assembly.
(3) The rotating parts such as V-belt pulley, gears and rollers should be smooth and no vibration during operation, and the tooth surface of the toothed rollers should not touch the body.
(4) bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30℃, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70℃.
(5) After passing the no-load test run, carry out the test run with load, and the test run time can be carried out according to the system requirements.
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