Spring cone crusher and hydraulic cone crusher

1. Spring cone crusher

Figure 1 is the structure diagram of the 1750 type spring cone crusher produced by Henan Deya Machinery Co., Ltd.

A. Structure

The working mechanism is composed of movable cone with manganese steel liner and fixed cone (adjustment ring 10). The cone of the movable cone is press-fitted to the main shaft (vertical shaft). One end of the main shaft is inserted into the tapered hole of the eccentric bushing. A bronze bushing or MC-6 nylon bushing is installed in the tapered hole of the eccentric bushing. When the eccentric sleeve rotates, it drives the movable cone to make a swinging motion. In order to ensure that the movable cone for the requirements of the rotary motion, the lower surface of the movable cone to be made into a spherical surface, and supported on the spherical bearing. All the weight of the movable cone and the main shaft are borne by the spherical bearing and the frame.

B. Adjustment device

The adjustment device and locking mechanism of cone crusher are actually part of the fixed cone, mainly composed of adjustment ring 10, support ring 8, locking nut 18), push cylinder 9 and locking cylinder. Among them, the adjusting ring and the supporting ring constitute the adjustment device of the size of the discharge opening. The support ring is installed in the upper part of the frame and is tightened to the frame 7 by the spring 6 around the crusher. The upper part of the support ring is equipped with locking cylinders and pistons (1750 type cone crusher is equipped with 12 cylinders, 2200 type cone crusher is equipped with 16 cylinders), and the contact surface of the support ring and the adjustment ring are engraved with serrated threads. Two pairs of paddle claws and a pair of push cylinders are mounted on the support ring. When the crusher is working, high pressure oil is passed into the locking cylinder to make the piston rise, and the locking nut and the adjusting ring are slightly jacked up, so that the serrated threads of both are beveled to fit closely. When adjusting the discharge opening, the locking cylinder should be unloaded to relax the serrated thread, and then the hydraulic system should be operated to push the cylinder, which will drive the adjusting ring to turn to the right or left, and make the fixed cone rise or fall with the help of the serrated thread transmission, so as to realize the adjustment of the discharge opening.

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