Gravity concentration plant

1. Steps of the gravity concentration process

The gravity concentration of ore is also carried out in a series of continuous operations, just like other mineral processing production. By the nature of the operation can be divided into three major parts: preparation operations, separation operations and product handling operations.

1. Preparation operations

The preparation operations for gravity concentration mainly include
(1) Crushing and grinding to liberate the minerals.
(2) Washing and desliming of the ore cemented by clay.
(3) The use of sieving or hydraulic separation method for the selection of raw materials according to the size classification, and then the raw materials are selected separately.
The latter preparatory operation is a specific requirement for gravity concentration, because in general gravity concentration equipment, the sorting conditions are most suitable only for a specific particle size.

2. Separation operations

Separation operation is the main part of the sorting minerals, also according to a certain process, gravity concentration process combination of complexity is very different, but most of the process structure is more complex, this is due to

(1) Gravity concentration process methods have more options, different particle size of the ore should be selected for different process equipment.
(2) Even the same type of equipment, it should be selected for different operating conditions when dealing with different particle size for feeding.
Most of the gravity concentration equipment enrichment ratio or tailing capacity is not high, need to make several selections or sweeping to obtain the final product.
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