Flotation machine function and evaluation

1. Flotation machine basic functions

A flotation machine is an industrial equipment to achieve flotation. Its key component – the inflatable stirring mechanism, which determines the type, characteristics and effectiveness of the flotation machine. From the point of view of the flotation process, the flotation machine should have the following functions.

1. Flotation machine makes the slurry in turbulent flow to ensure the suspension of the ore particles and the dispersion of the chemicals, and to achieve the adhesion of the ore particles and chemicals with certain kinetic energy movement and collision.

2. Flotation machine introduce air to produce air bubbles of suitable size, sufficient quantity and stability, so that they can be dispersed in the pulp, move with certain kinetic energy, and collide with pharmaceuticals and ore particles to produce selective adhesion and realize mineralization.

3. The mineralization bubbles can rise to the liquid surface, forming a three-phase froth layer and producing secondary enrichment; the froth concentrate and tailings can be discharged in time.
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What is beneficiation?

1. What is beneficiation or mineral processing?

Beneficiation simply means by various kinds of equipments to extract useful minerals from the tailings, in this way useful minerals will be collected for smelting. Generally there are three methods, one is by magnetic separator for magnetic materials like magnetite, one is by gravity method, most for the materials that have specific gravity differences, like Chromite, Hematite, the third one is by flotaiton, like copper ores and gold ores

2. What’s the purpose of beneficiation?

The purpose of beneficiation is get rid of useless materials and tailings from the resources, so can get one or several kind of useful materials for better use. It greatly reduce the transportation cost and smelting cost.