Roll crusher introduction

Brief description of roll crusher

Roll crusher is one of the oldest ore crushing equipment, due to its simple construction, it is still gaining application in cement, silicate and other industrial sectors, mainly used as medium and fine crushing operation of ore. Since this crusher has the disadvantages of large floor space and low production capacity, it is rarely used in metal mines and is replaced by cone crushers. However, in small mines, or processing precious ores, the requirements of the mud is very small re-election plant (for example, tungsten ore) there is the use of roller crusher.

There are two basic types of roll crushers: double roll crusher and single roll crusher.

Double roll crusher (also called twin roll crusher) is composed of two cylindrical rollers as the main working mechanism (Figure 1). When working, the two round rollers rotate in opposite directions, and the material (ore) is crushed by the friction between the rollers, which rolls the material into the crushing cavity formed by the two rollers. The crushed product is discharged from the gap between the two rolls under the action of gravity. The size of the gap determines the maximum size of the crushed product. Double roll crushers are usually used for medium and fine crushing of materials.
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