Symons cone crusher or impact crusher? How to choose secondary crushing equipment?

Crushing equipment has a crucial role in the configuration of stone crusher plant. The reasonable equipment configuration is related to the investment, production, product quality of the whole production line.

For secondary crushing equipment, Symons cone crusher and impact crusher are both commonly used equipment, so what is the difference and how to choose between the two equipment? This article analyzes the difference between Symons cone crusher and impact crusher from 8 aspects.

1. Different structures

Both the cone crusher and impact crusher are for secondary crushing, it is easy to distinguish from the crushing principle and appearance.

Symons cone crusher

2. Different working principle

The impact crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing, where the material is crushed by repeated impacts between the hammer bars and the impact plates.

The cone crusher adopts a combination of crushing, shearing and grinding, and the mantle constantly moves toward the bowl liner, squeezing the material in the crushing chamber to crush them.
Symons cone crusher
Impact crusher

3. Different applications

Both Symons cone crusher and impact crusher can be used as secondary crushing equipment, but they are for different hardness of the materials. Cone crusher is mainly used to crush hard materials, such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebbles, etc., while impact crusher is used to crush soft and medium hardness materials also brittle materials, such as limestone.

4. Different discharge size

The two types of crushers crush materials with different discharge sizes. Generally speaking, the short head cavity cone crusher crushes finer material than the impact crusher.

In the actual production process, the cone crusher is more used in the mineral processing process, while the impact crusher is more used in the building materials and construction projects.

5. Different granularity of finished products

The impact crusher has good granularity, less angularity in the finished product and more powder; the cone crusher has more needle-like granularity in the finished product.

6. Different process capacity

Compared with impact crushers, cone crushers have low energy consumption, high production capacity and stable operation, so cone crushers are commonly used in large scale and high production lines.

7. Different investment

The price of cone crusher is more expensive than impact crusher, but its wearing parts have longer life, avoiding the trouble of replacing wear parts frequently, and in the long run, cone crusher is more cost-effective than impact crusher.
Impact crusher has lower initial purchase cost but higher maintenance cost later; while cone crusher has higher initial cost but lower maintenance cost later.

8. Different degree of environmental protection

The noise and dust of the impact crusher is higher, while the cone crusher is relatively small and more environmental friendly.

In summary, impact crushers and cone crushers have their own advantages and disadvantages. In actual production, we need to make a reasonable selection according to the nature of the material, feed and discharge size, process capacity, investment cost, maintenance, operation stability, etc.

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