Symons cone crusher manual


Correct installation, operation and maintenance are crucial to the Symons cone crusher service life. Before use the Symons cone crusher, the operator should read the Symons cone crusher manual first.

It is the responsibility of each operator to be familiar with and master the technical requirements, preventive measures and accidents at the work-site and talk with manager about such problems. In order to ensure the safety during the operation, all the operators must have a good knowledge of safety rules and they need to be full compliance with them.

This is an installation and use manual for cone crusher operators. For experienced personnel, reading this manual will make you more familiar with the machine.

The instructions and diagrams in this manual will help you to properly check, start and operate the crusher and its auxiliary equipment.

The operating techniques described in the instruction manual are basic. As the operator’s knowledge of the crusher’s performance increases, the level of operating skills and other techniques will increase accordingly.

The contents of this manual are applicable to the crusher at the time of writing and printing. The continuous refinement and improvement of the product structure will inevitably lead to certain changes in the new machine, which can only be reflected in the new version of the manual. Please understand if there is a discrepancy between some of the contents of the manual and your machine.

For questions about the crusher and this Symons cone crusher manual, please consult Henan Deya Machinery Co., Ltd.

Symons cone crusher manual contents

Chapter 1 Safety
Chapter 2 Overview
Chapter 3 General information of Cone Crusher
Chapter 4 Frame and supporting sleeve and spring part
Chapter 5 Transmission shaft Frame, transmission shaft and pulley
Chapter 6 Step Bearing and Eccentric Parts
Chapter 7 Bowl shape bearing bracket
Chapter 8 Crushing Cone and Mantle
Chapter 9 The department of adjusting sleeve and fixed cone plate
Chapter 10 Lubrication system
Chapter 11 Hydraulic locking and adjusting mechanism
Chapter 12 Operations Guide
Chapter 13 Hydraulic cavity-cleaning system

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