Symons cone crusher capacity, 11 ways to improve the efficiency

1. Keep the C.S.S. size unchanged

C.S.S. or closed side setting is an important factor to determine the discharge particle size. If want stable process capacity of the sand and gravels, the first thing is to ensure the tight size discharge parameters of the Symons cone crusher remain unchanged, otherwise it is easy to lead to an unexpected increase in the product size, which will further affect the whole production line system and final process capacity.

2. Keep continuous running with “full feeding” of the crushing chamber

If a Symons cone crusher is over feeding or less feeding at times due to the unstable feeding, the discharged product granularity and qualified product rate will fluctuate, too. Half feeding of the chamber will cause non-ideal products grade and shape.
Symons cone crusher

3. Feed raw materials considerably

Give only a small amount of raw materials will not reduce the burden of cone crusher, on the contrary, small amount of raw materials will make the product capacity lower, also in poor grain shape, it will have a negative impact on the bearings, too.

4. The materials feeding point needs to be aligned with the cone crusher feeding center

It is recommended to use a vertical guide plate to direct the feed drop point to the center of the cone crusher inlet. Once the drop point is eccentric, the crushing cavity will be full of material on one side but no material or less material on the other side, which will result in lower crushing capacity, more needle-shaped products, oversized products and other adverse effects.

Symons cone crusher

5. Ensure the evenly feeding

When feeding, it is necessary to avoid the situation that large size stones are concentrated on one side and small size stones are concentrated on the other side, make sure the stones are mixed evenly.

6. Minimize the stagnation in transfer silo

The transfer silo should be well designed and match with other equipment, it has great influence in the Symons cone crusher’s capacity. Well designed transit silo also improves the whole production line efficiency.

7. Precisely grasp the three design upper limits of the Symons cone crusher

There are three design upper limits for the cone crusher, upper limit of capacity, upper limit of power and upper limit of crushing force.

8. Ensure operation within the cone crusher design limit

If the cone crusher operates beyond the upper limit of crushing force or exceeds the rated power, try to slightly increase the tight side discharge parameters and try to ensure “full cavity” operation, or reduce the feed rate slightly, but it may be difficult to ensure good grain size.

Symons cone crusher

9. Monitor and try to ensure proper rotation speed

If the proper drive triangular belts tension is not maintained, or drive maintenance is neglected, belt slippage and a drop in crusher rotation speed will occur during operation. The Symons cone crusher process capacity will decrease sharply with the decreasing rotation speed, meanwhile power consumption increase dramatically, and unit energy consumption rises, thus will increase the operating costs.

10. Control the fine material content in the feed material

The fine material in the feed material refers the particle size is equal to or less than the C.S.S. Size. Based on Deya Machinery’s experience and clients’ feedback, secondary cone crusher fine materials content should not exceed 25%, while tertiary cone crusher fine materials content should not exceed 10%.

11. Feeding height should not be too high.

For small and medium-sized cone crusher, the maximum suitable height of material falling from feeding equipment to feeding mouth is about 0.9m. If the feeding height is too large, the stone will be easily “rushed” into the crushing cavity at high speed, causing impact load on the crusher, and the crushing force or power will exceed the design limit.

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