Stone crusher plant investment, things you need to know

Stone crusher plant investment, growing demand for sand and gravels

Increasing sand and gravel market demanding interests more people to invest the stone crusher plant.

At present, natural sand and gravel are in short supply, they can no longer meet the current demands. Artificial sand and gravel, or sand and gravel produced by equipment, with its uniform particle size, excellent grain shape and reasonable price, has gained the favour of many users.

Now the artificial sand and gravel have been widely used in many sectors such as municipal construction, urban building, road paving and concrete mixing plants. Therefore, investors who have seen the profitability of sand and gravel projects, they intend to raise funds to make the stone crusher plant investment.

Things to know before make stone crusher plant investment

1. Sales of sand and gravel. The first thing is launch a full-scale investigation about the sand and gravel market, if there is a great demanding for the sand and gravel, it is a promising project.

2. Get all the necessary documents for the mining site, make sure it is legal exploit.

3. Figure out the type of rocks, can ask a third lab to do the composition of rocks. Different hardness rocks will apply different types of crushers. It is important to choose the right type of stone crushers.

4. Production site: an ideal working site should be closest to the quarry and convenient for mining exploit; in addition, the topography of the site should conform to the process diagram of the production line, prefer the mine site with natural slope, this will save cost for the installation.

What equipment are needed?

The complete stone crusher plant production line basically includes six major parts, namely feeding, primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing, screening and materials conveying. If need to produce more sand, the sand making machine and sand washer are needed as well. The selection of equipment is highly related to the clients’ requirements, type of rocks, mining site conditions, etc. Detail analysis as follows,

1. Feeding equipment, typically vibrating feeder, which will feed the primary crusher evenly and continuously.

2. Primary crusher, typically jaw crusher. It reduces rocks from several hundred millimeters to about 100 millimeters.

3. Secondary crusher, typically Symons cone crusher and impact crusher. Symons cone crusher is best for the hard rocks, while impact crusher is good for medium hardness rocks.

How to choose between Symons cone crusher and an impact crusher?

4. Tertiary crusher, in a large capacity plant like 200 tph or 300 tph, three stages crushing is highly recommended. Reduce the rocks gradually, it will greatly extend equipment wearing parts life, good for the equipment, too.

5. Sand making equipment, if need more sand rather than gravels, VSI sand making machine is recommend. After separation by the screen, a sand washer is needed to produce clean sand.

6. Screening equipment, typically by circular vibrating screen. It separates the sand and gravels to different groups. Screen mesh size will be customized by the client’s requirements, typical mesh size like 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch.

7. Belt conveyors, it connects the previous equipment to the following equipment, also conveys separated sand and gravels to different stockpiles.

Important considerations

To ensure the normal operation of the stone crusher plant, various equipment of the production line should work in coordination with each other. Therefore, a reasonable configuration of the production line can ensure the high-speed operation. A reasonable stone crusher plant design needs to take into account the efficiency of individual machines. Therefore, the following considerations must be clarified.

1. Pay attention to the process capacity of each equipment, make sure their capacity matches each other, it avoids materials blockage and overflow.

2. Pay attention to the belt conveyor’s speed, it should be adjusted carefully to avoid overflowing.

3. For environment protection, dust collectors should be used to meet the local government’s requirements.

4. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of each main machine, this is the crucial factor to ensure the continuously running of the stone crusher plant.

5. Always read the operation manual provided by Deya Machinery

Get a reliable supplier

1. Manufacturing strength. It is not how beautiful the workshop or equipment looks, but how to produce the equipment strictly according to national standards.

2. Equipment quality, motor brand, bearing brand, main shaft heat treatment, key parts assembly process, these are all important things to consider when compare the price from different suppliers.

3. Visit the supplier’s clients’ working sites if possible, ask the suggestions and advice from the end users, it will avoid much trouble.

4. After sale-service, it is not how beautiful the salesman said, but what they do after get the order.

5. Installation and operation, installation is also very important, correct layout of the equipment will save much space and maintenance cost.

6. Wearing parts, this is an inevitable part. All the equipment have wearing parts, always buy some wearing parts in advance, in case they are worn out, it can be replaced immediately.

Deya machinery produces and supplies stone crusher plants since 1990 with rich experience and qualified equipment, please consult us before making the decision, and we are happy to answer any questions about the stone crusher plant.

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