Stone crusher plant design, things to consider

Things to consider when designing

The stone crusher plant design should not only consider stone raw materials, but also other factors such as finished product requirements, site conditions, environmental requirements, construction costs and post-operation costs.

First, when designing the process flow, the actual situation of the site must be taken into account, such as the raw material hardness, capacity per hour, finished product size and shape requirements, site area, electricity, road for vehicles come in and leave, height difference for different platform of the site, drainage, wind direction, maintenance passage, etc. It requires comprehensive consideration when design the layout of the entire plant. The crusher plant design should consider the multi-stage crushing principle, normally it includes primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing, sand washing, etc.

Second, the choice of appropriate crushing equipment should be based on different types of raw materials. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the equipment selection, based on the requirements of design, equipment should be matched each other for the capacity. Meanwhile, the discharged size from previous equipment should meet the feeding of next equipment, this will prevent the jamming during operation.

stone crusher plant design

Third, the choice of screening equipment, try to consider a larger adequate and effective circular vibrating screen if the conditions allows, effective screening sorts out qualified products easily, also improves the production capacity.

Fourth, the choice of environmental protection facilities, in many countries, the government pays more and more attention to the environment protection. It should focus on three aspects, noise, dust, and sewage. The emission standards should strictly meet the national environment protection requirements.

Fifth, the design of finished material stockpile, some large capacity stone crusher plants can be designed by automatic weighing and loading system, it greatly improves loading efficiency, also reduces labor cost.

Sixth, as the capacity of stone crusher plant is getting larger, the control system and monitoring system should be designed for centralized control, intelligent management and monitoring, which improves the operation and management of the whole plant.

stone crusher plant design

Types of stone crusher, how to choose based on different materials in the designing process?

Sand and gravels are the basic construction materials, the common raw materials for a stone crusher plant includes cobblestone, granite, basalt, gabbro, limestone, etc. Different types of stone crusher will apply different hardness of raw materials.

How to start a stone crusher plant?

In the stone crusher plant processing, the appropriate stone crusher should be chosen based on the different raw materials.

First of all, when we categorize the raw materials, we can roughly divide the raw materials into hard stone and soft stone.

Hard stone typically includes cobblestone, granite, basalt, whose hardness is basically above 150Mpa. When processing such raw materials, primary option is jaw crusher and Symons cone crusher, according to the requirements the finished products, VSI sand making machine will be added for re-shaping, thus will eliminate the needle flaky materials. Finally the crushed materials will be separated by the circular vibrating screen, and sent to different stockpiles.

stone crusher plant design

Secondly, when processing soft and medium hardness stones, such as limestone, sandstone and other stones with hardness below 150Mpa, jaw crusher, impact crusher, heavy hammer crusher can be considered and the primary option, based on the requirements of the products, VSI can be added for re-shaping, this will eliminate the needle flaky materials during the crushing process, to reach a higher percentage of sand production. Normally it can reach about 60% of sand.

One thing need to mention is, limestone varies greatly in its hardness depends on the silica content. We must pay great attention when judging the hardness of the limestone. If it is a limestone with high silica content, Symons cone crusher is a better option than impact crusher or heavy hammer crusher.

There are several ways for the selection of crushing equipment and design of stone crusher plant, the following factors need to be taken into consideration when making a choice, like hardness of raw materials, looseness, mud content, finished product size and shape requirements, etc.

stone crusher plant design

Stone crusher plant investment, things you need to know

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