Rubber liner ball mill

Henan Deya Machinery Co., Ltd. produced and exported 6 sets of rubber liner ball mill in the past 12 months. There are obvious good features of rubber liner ball mill.

1. Rubber liner’s physical density is only about one-sixth of manganese steel, it greatly reduces the weight of ball mill, so when the rubber lining ball mill works,  it needs lower the power. Saving electric energy means saving production cost and investment.

2. Rubber liner ball mill with high wear-resistant and impact resistance. It increases the lifetime of liners. With elasticity features of rubber, it reduces the impact force of grinding media.

3. Low noise. Rubber itself has function of soundproofing, it reduces the noise when rubber liner ball mill works. In a certain way inspires the enthusiasm of the staff, indirectly improves the enterprise’s production efficiency.

4. Easy installation, due to rubber liner’s light weight, installation does not require special tools, greatly reducing maintenance time, improving production efficiency.

5. Rubber liner ball mill also has features of corrosion resistance. Manganese steel liners create reactions with acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals, it accelerates the wearing of liner, while rubber liner itself is made by special anti-corrosion, thereby extending wearing time.

6. Rubber liner ball mill also saves grinding media. Based on the actual work estimates, compared with manganese steel liner, mineral processing plant with capacity of 100,000 tons per year, rubber linings can save 150,000 tons steel balls.

Normal life time for rubber liner ball mill
1. in the gold ore mill, lining life time reaches 3 to 4 years
2. in the ceramic industry, rubber lining life can be used up to 5 years
3. in cement industry, rubber liner ball mill liners can be used up to 4 years

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