Introduction to High Pressure Grinding Rolls

High Pressure Grinding Roll is a newly crushing and grinding equipment with wide adaptability for fine and superfine material process. Working together with the presetting crushing pressure, the two crushing rollers will be pushed in the opposite running directions by using the hydraulic cylinder with accumulator in order to ensure the stability of crushing pressure during the whole processing. Therefore, the high pressure crushing for materials will be achieved between two rollers.The machine can be widely used for many kinds of materials in fine crushing and grinding work to produce fine materials with various specifications such as construction, mining, metallurgy industries.The machine can also be used in fine grinding for metallurgical slags, which simplifies the processing technology and contributes more fine tailing for the following process.

Features of High Pressure Grinding Rolls

  1. Designing lifetime of high pressure grinding rolls, guarantee 8000 to 12000 hours, for some ores can be used over 20,000 hours
  2. Applied the high pressure crushing mechanism, the machine will have the higher crushing efficiency, lager crushing ratio and wider adaptability.
  3. To adjust the clearance of roll surface automatically, so it can keep the crushing force constancy and makes the better grain shape and more fine granularity.
  4. The high wear-resistant alloy materials and embedded structure of liners for the roller surface, which extend its service life and make easy replacement without dismantling.
  5. Equipped with the hydraulic control system with the reliable performance, which makes the machine protected by the de-ironing and overload functions.
  6. The different working pressure should be set according to the different working conditions.
  7. The materials will be ground by the constant non-impact crushing pressure from crushing rollers, which makes lower noise with less dust.

Technical parameters of High Pressure Grinding Rolls

Series Model Roll diameter (mm) Roll width (mm) Feed size (mm) Capacity (T/H)
10 series GM 100/30 1000 300 ≤40 50-100
GM 100/40 1000 400 ≤40 80-140
12 series GM 120/40 1200 400 ≤50 100-200
GM 120/80 1200 800 ≤50 150-400
15 series GM 150/50 1500 500 ≤60 150-350
GM 150/80 1500 800 ≤60 350-500
GM 150/120 1500 1200 ≤60 400-800
17 series GM 170/60 1700 600 ≤65 250-550
GM 170/120 1700 1200 ≤65 500-1100
GM 170/150 1700 1500 ≤65 700-1400
20 series GM 200/80 2000 800 ≤70 400-850
GM 200/120 2000 1200 ≤70 600-1300
GM 200/160 2000 1600 ≤70 900-2000