Impact crusher machine, 11 types of mechanical failures and solutions

Introduction of impact crusher machine

Long time operation in the harsh environment, impact crusher machine will inevitably have some mechanical failures. Once the machine is stopped, it will delay the work schedule and cause great losses. If the operators are familiar with the common mechanical failures, causes and solutions, they can quickly repair, thus production can be resumed as soon as possible to reduce losses.

The impact crusher is suitable for crushing different types of stones, it has large crushing ration, low unit of power consumption, it fully meets the standard of “more crushing less grinding” in a mineral process plant. With these advantages, impact crusher machine is widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, chemical, refractory materials and ceramics industries, especially in highway construction, water conservancy projects, building rubble, mechanical sand processing and other fields of medium and fine crushing operations.

impact crusher

11 types of mechanical failures and solutions

1. No rotation when starting

Check if there is large stones fall into the crushing cavity to block the rotor. It needs full cleaning inside the crushing chamber. Start the impact crusher machine again can solve the problem.

2. Bearing temperature raise

Check whether the lubrication of the bearing is good, under normal circumstances the lubricating oil should be filled with 50% of the bearing seat volume. Another situation is that the lubricating oil is deteriorated and sticky, the bearing needs to be cleaned, and lubricating oil should be replaced for new.

3. Abnormal vibration

It may be that the feed size is too large; wear parts are unevenly worn, the impact hammer bars needs to be replaced. The rotor is unbalanced and needs to be adjusted and calibrated for balance. Check whether the equipment foundation bolts are tightened and properly reinforced.

impact crusher machine

4. Triangular belts overturning

It is mainly due to the broken triangular belts, they need to be replaced, make sure new belts are qualified. Or it may be the inappropriate assembly of the pulley, it needs to adjust the drive pulley and idler pulley on the same level.

5. Bearing bending or fracture

The main reason is impact crusher machine long term overload operation, improper heat treatment of the bearing, or the stones’ hardness exceeds the required standard. When solving the problem, it is necessary to replace the new bearing and pay attention to timely maintenance and overhaul in the future’s operation.

6. Sudden stop

The impact crusher machine stopped in a sudden, there are several reasons to cause the problem, for example discharge opening is blocked, slippery of the triangular belts, low voltage, bearing damage, etc. These problems should be eliminated one by one, such as clearing the blockage of the discharge port, tightening the belts, increasing the voltage and ensuring the stability of the voltage, replacing the bearings, etc.

7. Spring component fracture

The main reason for this problem is that the springs were not loosened when adjusting the discharge opening to a smaller size. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the broken springs, and make sure correct operation according to the manual offered by Deya Machinery.

8. Abnormal noise in the crushing cavity

The impact crusher machine should be stopped immediately, check whether there is non-breakable metal or broken parts, clear the crushing cavity, check and fasten all the bolts for the liners. Check the gap between the hammer bars and impact bars, the noise may occur due to smaller gap.

9. Rotor rotation speed drops, motor current increases

Triangular belts may be loose, feeding volume is to large, or unevenly feeding, bearing is damaged. Adjust the tightness of triangle belts, control the maximum feeding size, feed evenly and continuously. Replace the damaged bearing.

10. Rubber smell occurs in equipment operation

The main cause of this problem is the belts slipping, and the belts have friction with the pulley, it generates heat and rubber smell. Or the rotor is jammed. Check the rotor condition inside the crushing cavity, and fasten the triangular belts.

11. Discharge size getting large

This means the impact hammer plates or impact hammer liners are seriously worn, it increase the gap between the hammer plates and impact liners. Adjust the gap for the impact frame, make sure the two sides gap is even. If the liners are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time.

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The operator should carefully read the operation manual offered by Deya Machinery. Know well about the correct operation of the equipment, and actual operating conditions, as well as possible failures. This will solve the problems quickly to avoid losses caused by the impact crusher machine’s stop.

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