Impact crusher for sale

1. Introduction

Impact crusher is a single-rotor equipment, it is designed with advanced technology to optimize and upgrade the former type. Deya machinery impact crusher can handle various materials with particle size not larger than 500 mm, compressive strength not exceeding 360 MPa.

It has the features of large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency and easy maintenance. The finished products are cubic shape, it is the ideal crushing equipment for producing high-grade aggregates which are used in highway pavement and hydropower construction. With its excellent cubic products and good performance, the impact crusher is widely used in stone crushing for the fields of highway construction, water conservancy project, etc.

impact crusher for sale

2. Working principle

Impact crushers are machines and equipment that use impact energy to crush ore. In terms of the form of mechanical energy, the crusher that applies the principle of “free” crushing by impact force is superior to the crusher that uses the principle of crushing by static pressure.

When the stones enters the crusher, it is mainly impacted by the high-speed rotating percussion plate, and the stone is selectively crushed along the laminae and joints. After being impacted, the stone gains huge kinetic energy and is thrown to the first impact plate at a high speed along the tangential direction of the impact plate, and then the stone is crushed again by the impact of the impact plate.

The crushed material is also thrown to the second stage impact plate at a high speed and is crushed again, resulting in an “interlocking” crushing action of the stone (material) in the impact crusher. When the stone is in the round trip between the strike plate and the impact plate, there are many times between the stone (material) impact with each other. This process is repeated until the size of the crushed material is smaller than the gap between the striking plate and the impact plate, then it is discharged from the lower part of the crusher, which is the size of the crushed product.

3. Equipment Structure

Impact Crusher is mainly composed of rotor, impact frame, main frame and transmission parts. Rotor is the key part of the impact crusher. The rotor frame is made of welded steel plate, and the hammer plates are fixed in the correct position, and the axial limiting device can effectively prevent the hammer plates from shifting.

The impact crusher is equipped with two impact frames, one at the front and the other at the back, both of them are self-supporting and suspended, each of them is individually supported on the crusher frame. The clearance between the impact frame and the rotor can be adjusted by the suspension bolts. The exchangeable impact liners are fixed on the impact frame with a tilt-up structure, and the impact liners can be replaced from the place where it is worn to the place where it is less worn.
impact crusher for sale

4. Technical parameters

The specification of the impact crusher is expressed by the rotor diameter D (actually the diameter of the circumference drawn on the end of the plate hammer) X rotor length L. For example, Φ1250×1000 single rotor impact crusher, indicates a rotor diameter of 1250 mm and a rotor length of 1000 mm.

Impact crusher for sale

5. Impact crusher features

1. The crushing ratio is very large. Generally, the maximum crushing ratio of the crusher is not more than 10, while the crushing ratio of the impact crusher is generally 30-40, and the maximum is 150. Therefore, the current three-stage crushing process can be completed with one or two-stage impact crusher, which greatly simplifies the production process and saves investment costs.

2. High crushing efficiency and low power consumption. Because the impact strength of general ore is much smaller than the compressive strength, at the same time, because the ore is cracked first along the junctional partition interface and fragile organization after the high-speed action and multiple impacts of the striking plate, the crushing efficiency of this type of crusher is high and the electric power consumption is low.

3. Uniform product size and less over-crushing phenomenon. This kind of crusher uses kinetic energy to crush the ore, and the size of kinetic energy of each piece of ore is proportional to the mass of the piece of ore. Therefore, in the crushing process, the large pieces of ore are crushed to a greater extent, but the smaller particles of ore, under certain conditions, are not crushed, so the crushed product size is uniform, less over-crushing phenomenon.

4. Can be selectively broken. In the process of impact crushing, useful minerals and gangues are first broken along the joint surface to facilitate the separation of the monomers from the minerals, especially for the useful minerals with coarse grains (such as tungsten ore, etc.), this is even more significant.

5. Great adaptability. This crusher can crush brittle, fibrous and medium-hard ores, and is particularly suitable for crushing brittle ores such as limestone. Therefore, the impact crusher is very suitable for the cement and chemical industries.

6. The equipment is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure, easy to manufacture and convenient to maintain.

6. Installation, adjustment and test run of the machine

1. When the impact crusher reaches client’s mine site, the client should check the completeness of the equipment and related parts, make sure there was no damage during delivery.

2. According to the foundation drawings provided by Deya Machinery, the impact crusher should be installed firmly on the solid concrete foundation.

3. The machine must be corrected to the horizontal level during installation.

4. The motor is installed on the sliding rail so that the belt can be adjusted for tightness. The rotor shaft pulley and the motor pulley should be installed in parallel.

5. The gap between the impact plate and the plate hammer shall be adjusted according to the mechanical properties of the material and the requirements of the discharge size. Generally when the material is hard and the required material size is fine, the gap between the impact plate and the hammer plates can be smaller, and vice versa.

6. Adjust the distance between the impact plate and the hammer plate as described above, and then rotate the rotor for a few revolutions, make sure there is no jamming or collisions.

7. Based on the site’s actual conditions, safety cover should be installed on the transmission part.

8. Empty run test
(1) After the motor is started, the impact crusher should run smoothly without abnormal vibration.
(2) The temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35°C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70°C.
(3) The empty run time should be 2~4 hours. After the test run, check if there are any loosening of the bolts and fasten them.

9. Load operation test
(1) On the basis of good operation under empty run test can start the load running test.
(2) Machine running should be smooth, no abnormal vibration.
(3) The temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35°C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70°C.
(4) The actual power and current of the motor shall be monitored, it should not have abnormal fluctuations.
(5) The load operation test shall be carried out continuously for 5-6 hours, and when the operation is confirmed to be normal, it can be officially put into use.

7. Operating procedures

1. Before impact crusher started, the operator should check each lubrication point, whether there is enough grease, connecting bolts must be tight, each door must be closed tight, check whether the gap between rotor plate hammer and impact plate is suitable.
2. After starting the motor, wait for the normal operation, then can feed the materials gradually and evenly.
3. Stop the motor only after all the materials in the crushing cavity have been discharged.
4. Check the wear condition of the hammer plates, and replace them in time to avoid the rotor body being worn out.
5. Rotor balance test should be done after the hammer plates are replaced.

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