How to start a stone crusher plant?

As the construction markets recovering, many clients have asked Deya Machinery about the process and procedures for starting a stone crusher plant, the following article organized by Deya Machinery technical team will share what equipment and procedures are needed to start the plant.

1. Procedures and approvals

If you want to set up a stone crusher plant legally, the procedure for approval is an essential step. The process may vary slightly in different countries, but all need to get approval from the government. For example, the following procedures are required in China
1. Company name verification
2. Mining license from the Land and Resources Bureau
3. Security Administration approval
4. Environmental Protection Bureau approval
5. Get the business license
6. Taxation department for tax registration certificate

2. Choose the mining site

The location of a stone crusher plant has a very important impact on normal production operations, it is necessary to consider a variety of factors when selecting the mining site, it needs a detail investigation of the surrounding environment.
The following issues need to be considered in selecting a stone crusher plant site.
1. Convenient traffic conditions and easy access to electricity and water.
2. Far from residential areas
3. According to the industry standards, the distance to the blasting point should be at least 200 meters.
4. The size of the plant area, as well as the volume of the raw materials.
5. Finished products of sand and gravels storage and transportation.
6. Site conditions for the installation, concrete needed for the foundations.
7. Geological conditions, natural disasters, etc.

3. Key equipment needed

Normally the stone crusher plant includes a hopper, feeding equipment, primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing(sand making or reshaping), screening, sand washing, finished sand and gravels. Different equipment are connected by the belt conveyors. Thus the main equipment typically includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, VSI sand making machine, circular vibrating screen, sand washer, and belt conveyors. Other equipment may needed, dust collector, gravel washing, waste water treatment equipment, etc. Different clients have different requirements, also the mining site conditions are different from each other, there is no single perfect production line for all the mining sites, welcome to consult Deya Machinery to customize the plant for you.

4. Stone crusher plant investment, how much approximately?

A. Pre-stage investment

1. License & documents
To build a stone crusher plant, first need to obtain the mining license and all the required documents, these need a certain administrative fees.

2. Mine site
Purchasing a mine or leasing a production site, both ways are good, this investment depends on the local market.

3. Lab test cost for mining rocks analysis

B. Mid-stage investment

1. Equipment cost
-Blasting equipment, like rock drills, drilling rigs, air cannons, etc.

-Transportation tools, like shovels, trucks, excavators, loaders, dumpers, etc.

-Processing equipment, such as feeders, crushers, sand making machine, sand washer, vibrating screens and belt conveyors, etc.

-Electrical System, cables, transformer, air compressor, etc. In most cases, the motors and motor panels are included in the equipment list.

How to choose the right equipment for the stone crusher plant?

2. Civil construction costs
The civil and steel construction of the plant, silo, installation of crushers, vibrating screen and belt conveyors, this also requires a corresponding budget, usually this part is about 10% of the equipment cost.

3. Environmental Protection Costs
In some places government has strict rules for the environment protection, which explicitly require environmental protection standards to be met before the plant can be put into operation. Specific environmental protection measures include installing dust removal equipment, enclosing the production workshop, hardening the plant roads, greening the surrounding environment, etc.

C. Post-investment

1. Logistics costs
Mainly for the sea freight charge, import tax, transportation cost to the mine site

2. Manpower costs

According to the production and management needs, it is necessary to employ staff with professional skills, such as accountants, equipment operators, drivers, maintenance personnel, etc.

3. Wearing parts & maintenance cost
Wearing parts and maintenance are always an inevitable part of the project, wearing parts typically like jaw plates for jaw crusher, mantle and bowl liner for cone crusher, impact bars and hammer bars for the impact crusher, screen mesh for vibrating screen, etc. Please consult the professional equipment supplier of Deya Machinery for more suggestions.

The above information is the basic process of starting a stone crusher plant and the investment budget involved. Different capacities of plants have different investment budget. Deya machinery has installed hundreds of successful plants in China and many other countries since 1990, please consult Deya Machinery before making the decision, and we are ready to answer any questions about the stone crusher plant. Welcome to visit Deya Machinery, too, there are several plants nearby our city that are using our equipment, we will accompany a visit to see our equipment working in the clients’ mine sites.

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Stone crusher plant investment, things you need to know