How to operate the impact crusher machine properly?


Impact crusher machine is widely used in mining production because of its simple structure, easy operation, good cubic shape products and low price. The production efficiency directly affects the profit of users. In production, if the operation is not proper, it will not only affect the production efficiency, but also may bring damage to the equipment. Pay attention to the following points during operation, efficient production is easy to achieve.
impact crusher

Checking before operation

Before starting the equipment, conduct a rigorous inspection of the impact crusher machine.

1. Strictly check whether there are any loose fixed parts such as foundation bolts, body bolts, bearing housing and bolts at the guard plate that fix the motor.

2. Check whether the fixed parts of the impact plate are loose or broken.

3. Inspection of the internal part the the equipment, check the wearing conditions of the hammer plates, because the hammer plates have a great impact on the discharge size. Check the impact plates wearing conditions, too.

4. Confirm the previous and following equipment, wait for the belt conveyors and dust collector working normally, then start the impact crusher machine.

Adjust the gap between hammer plates and impact plates properly.

The gap between the impact plates and the hammer plates has a great influence on the product size. Before start the impact crusher machine, the gap between the impact plate and the hammer plate should be adjusted to the specified range. For model PF 1010 and above, Deya Machinery recommends the following size, 120±20mm for the first stage gap, 100±20mm for the second stage gap and 80±20mm for the third stage gap.
impact crusher structure

Start and stop the equipment in sequence required by manual

1. Before the equipment is started, it should be confirmed that there is no materials or unbreakable rocks in the crushing cavity. Then check whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the machine’s rotation direction, and confirm the condition of each part is normal before starting.

2. The start-up sequence as follows, dust collection equipment, belt conveyors, impact crusher, vibrating feeder. Make sure there is no abnormal situation in the several minutes’ empty running, then can start feeding for normal operation.

3. Before stop the equipment, stop the feeding first. When all the materials inside the crushing cavity are discharged, can stop the impact crusher. Finally stop the belt conveyors, and dust collecting equipment.

Feeding evenly

The impact crusher machine should be fed evenly, materials larger than required and non-breakable materials are not prohibited to enter the crushing chamber. If abnormal vibration and noise are found in the impact crusher, it should be stopped and checked immediately, find out the reason and eliminate the fault, then can restart the impact crusher.

Check the lubrication system frequently

In normal operation, the operator should check the working condition of the lubrication system frequently, add and replace the lubrication regularly. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the bearing should not exceed 60℃, and the maximum should not exceed 75℃. If the temperature is higher than required, it should immediately stop and check, and take effective measures to solve the problem.

Replace the wear parts in time

For the wear parts, especially the hammer plate and impact plate, which have direct contact with the materials, should be replaced in time if there are worn out.

When replacing the hammer plate, pay attention to the weight of new hammer plates, and make good static balance of the rotor before it is put into production again.

Environment protection

Impact crusher machine crushes material by high rotation speed rotor, there is strong impact force during operation, thus will generate dust easily. During the operation, ventilation and dust collection should be done well to meet the environmental protection requirements.

Always operate according to the manual offered by Deya Machinery!

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