Different types of cone crushers analysis

Cone crusher is one of the widely used mining machinery equipment, there are a few types of cone crushers in mining industry. Different types of cone crushers have different performance. Deya machinery technical team organized the following article, which analyzes the characteristics of the 3 major cone crushers, it will help to choose the right type cone crusher.

Symons cone crusher

Symons Cone Crusher is the most commonly used cone crusher in the world due to its low price, stable performance and clients’ rich experience in operation and maintenance. It can be used as secondary or tertiary crushing in a stone crusher plant.

Symons Cone Crusher controls the discharged products by reducing C.S.S.(closed side setting) size, it is not suitable for ultrafine crushing or sand making plant, although it produces some sand like 10% to 15%.

Structurally, the main shaft of the equipment is stressed by a cantilever beam, it makes the Symons cone crusher more clumsy and heavy duty than a single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher of the same capacity. Deya Machinery has added hydraulic cleaning function for the equipment, it makes cleaning cavity much easier.
Symons cone crusher

Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has simple structure and stable performance, it is suitable for medium and fine crushing, and sometimes also suitable for ultra-fine crushing operations.

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is characterised by its steep cone, high swing frequency and small eccentric distance, it is supported by a simple main shaft beam, with a single-cylinder hydraulic support at the bottom and a star-shaped frame at the top. This designing makes the overall structure simple, attractive and easy for automatic control. In addition, its dynamic cone bearing spherical radius R is larger, the eccentric angle of the main shaft is small, thus the crushing cavity is long, which improves the uniformity of the crushed material, i.e. the product size is uniform, the needle-shaped material is less, and the crushing force and power fluctuations are small.

However, the crushing power of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is slightly insufficient, especially for crushing hard materials. Due to its adjustment method of lifting and lowering the cone, the bowl liner wear is uneven if the feeding is uneven. Also, because the cylinder is at the bottom, the lower working space is small, which makes maintenance difficult.
single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has features of high swing frequency, large eccentric distance, slow cone, multi-cylinder hydraulic locking around. The main shaft is by cantilever beam support and spherical tile support structure, it adopts hydraulic motor to adjust the fixed cone. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has large crushing force, and it is suitable for hard materials crushing, also with high processing capacity. The materials smaller than the discharge opening can even account for 70%~80% of the total processing capacity.

However, the multi-cylinder cone crusher has a small spherical radius R, so the swing radius is small, there are instability phenomena such as movable cone shaking, overturning. There are also problems such as poor contact between the main shaft and the bushing, high impact force etc., which affect the normal work of the machine, maintenance cost is high.

multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

How to choose between the single-cylinder and multi-cylinder?

In terms of crushing performance and product quality, on the whole, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is superior, due to its crushing force and crushing ratio, it has larger adjusting C.S.S. Size, thus has greater flexibility in adjusting the products grade. However, the choice of single-cylinder or multi-cylinder in the entire process depends on the overall process layout.

If the plant needs large crushing ratio, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be used to reduce the number of crushing stages and lower the system investment, and its needle flake content is generally below 15%; if crushing hard rock, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is better; for normal rocks crushing, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be used as well. For same processing capacity, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has higher price.

Different types of cone crushers comparison and contrast

different types of cone crushers

The above analysis of various types of cone crushers can be used as a reference for equipment selection. Of course, after the type of cone crusher is selected, the specific size and quantity of specifications should be selected according to the configuration relationship with other equipment, as well as parameters such as the amount of change in load rate to achieve the desired production target.

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