Cone crusher vibration, an analysis of the causes & solutions

Abnormal vibration is very harmful to the cone crusher, and the production capacity and efficiency will be significantly reduced. The common causes of abnormal vibration of cone crusher as follows

1. Overfeeding or uneven feeding

If feed too much materials, and exceeds the load of the cone crusher, the equipment will not be able to crush the materials in the crushing chamber in time, thus causing the accumulation of materials and producing abnormal vibration. For multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, the adjusting ring jumping is the most obvious manifestation of overload.

When the feeding is not evenly, such as materials feeding concentrates one side, or large materials feed on one side, while fine materials feed on the other side, etc., these factors will cause the cone crusher vibration. It also causes the uneven load force of moving cone, which will seriously affect the service life.

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2. Material blockage or entry of non-breakable material

If the feeding materials contain a lot wet sticky powder, due to the small discharge opening size, it will cause blockage, thus lead to the vibration of the cone crusher.

In addition, when the crushing cavity enters the non-breakable materials, such as iron, steel and other scrap parts as well as large pieces of stones, it will increase the load of the crusher and will cause vibration. Sometimes the phenomenon of broken shaft and teeth will occur. At this time, it is necessary to stop the cone crusher in time to check and clean up the non-breakable materials.

3. Cone crusher bearing temperature is too high

During the summer, the weather is hot, the temperature is rising, many equipment will have the problem of high temperature, if cone crusher bearing temperature is too high, it will also cause the vibration of the equipment. The operator should always check whether the lubricating oil pipe is blocked, whether the grease selected is suitable, if the lubricant is too dirty, it needs to be replaced in time to avoid impurities entering the bearing.

4. The spring tension is not enough

If it is the spring cone crusher, the operator should pay attention to the tension of the springs. The springs installed around the frame is the crusher’s insurance device. When the crusher enters the unbreakable material, the support ring and adjustment ring supported on the spring strive to lift up and compress the spring, thus increasing the discharge opening, so that the unbreakable material is discharged from the bottom to avoid the destruction of the cone crusher. The tension degree of the spring plays a great influence on the normal work of the cone crusher.

5. Equipment installation is not qualified or deviated from the original position

For the Symons cone crusher, it requires horizontal vibration within +2mm and vertical vibration within +1mm during work. The installation surface can not meet the requirements will cause the rack swing and other abnormal vibration phenomenon.

It has two mounting surfaces, one is the base mounting surface, i.e. the installation surface of the vibration damping block; the other is the installation surface of the frame. The flatness of the installation surfaces should be within 2mm, and those that do not meet the requirements can be adjusted with steel plates.

In addition, after a long period of operation of the cone crusher, the concrete layer between the cone crusher and the foundation will become loose, the original installation of the leveling pad iron with vibration and run away from the original position, so that the body is not in a horizontal state, vibration will increase. Therefore, the foundation leveling should be done regularly according to the quality standard of cone crusher installation, make sure the cone crusher in good running condition.
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6. Improper installation of coupling causes different centers

For some unqualified suppliers, when assembling, the coupling between the horizontal drive shaft of the cone crusher and the motor shaft should be installed in accordance with the standard alignment to avoid the vibration caused by different centers. In addition, if the speed of the drive shaft is too fast will also cause vibration.

7. Gear meshing clearance is too large or too small

The reasonableness of gear meshing clearance will also affect the vibration of the cone crusher. It should be assembled according to the standard top clearance and side clearance, which cannot be too large or too small, otherwise both will cause the vibration of the cone crusher.

8. The wear of eccentric sleeve

In the operation of cone crushers, the eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft or moving cone to provide crushing force. The clearance between the inner and outer surfaces of the eccentric sleeve and the main shaft ensures smooth running of the cone crusher, once the eccentric shaft and its related parts are worn, it may cause equipment vibration and affect the normal work.

9. Inappropriate clearance between main shaft and cone bushing

Too much clearance between the main shaft and the cone bushing of the cone crusher will cause instability in operation, making the body vibrate and generate noise, while too little clearance will easily cause shaft clutching events.
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10. Looseness of mating surface between the bowl support frame and cone crusher frame.

The bowl type support frame is the support device of crushing cone, and the good technical condition of its mating surface with the frame is very important to ensure the normal operation of the cone crusher. Due to the long-term operation of the cone crusher, the precision of this mating surface decreases and the mating surface loosens, resulting in vibration. In order to solve this problem, the bowl type support frame and frame mating surface need to be restored according to the original dimensional standard.

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