How to improve impact crusher bearing life?

Impact crushers work under harsh conditions for a long time and the rotor bearings are easily damaged. According to the feedback from Deya Machinery’s clients and experience of Deya Machinery’s technical team, this paper would like to discuss several aspects to reach improve the bearing life.

1. Correct selection of bearing type, reasonable calculation of bearing life

Because of the double-row radial spherical roller bearings have the advantages of strong bearing capacity and good alignment performance, so it is mostly used as the rotor bearing of impact crusher at home and abroad. After a long period of practice, Deya Machinery technical personnel believe that the empirical formula P=3G (G is the weight of the rotor body) to calculate the equivalent load is applicable. And the expected calculated life of the bearing can be 10000 hours as appropriate.
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Rod mill failure analysis and solutions

Rod mill mining site introduction. Henan Deya Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides four rod mills for a group company in Shanxi to produce filled aggregate rod mill sand for the group’s underground mine, which now has two systems, old and new. The old system was put into operation in 1998, and the new system was put into operation in 2009 as the company’s mine output increased year by year. The production capacity of the old system is 1.8 million t/a, and the production capacity of the new system is 2.5 million t/a. The rod mill is the main grinding equipment, and there are now four MBY2700×3600 overflow rod mills produced by Henan Deya Machinery Co., Ltd.

1. Application Status

Rod mill working principle, the synchronous motor drives the pinion, which meshes with the large gear ring fixed on the cylinder to drive the cylinder for rotary motion. The failure of the pinion and bearing of rod mill is the main factor causing the downtime of rod mill and the consumption of spare parts. The consumption statistics of the pinion and bearing in the past 5 years are listed in the table below.

Pinion and bearing consumption statistics
Rod mill

As the above table shows, reducing pinion and bearing failures in rod mills plays an important role in ensuring continuous system operation and reducing cost pressure. Pinions and bearings are outsourced parts, and problems in processing and manufacturing (forging, heat treatment and cutting), transportation and storage can reduce their service life, so we will not repeat them here.

Deya machinery’s technical team combines years of work experience to analyze the main causes of pinion and bearing failures during installation, adjustment and daily maintenance, and to propose solutions.
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Double toothed roll crusher, applications and improvement in limestone crushing plant

Double-toothed roll crushers have been successfully used for crushing coal ore. Due to hard and large pieces of the limestone, some problems appear during the crusher employment such as the breaking of tooth crow, difficult to repair and replace while the toothed ring has broken, and cracking of the inner ring of bearing for crushing rolls. During the maintenance operation, case-shaped tooth crown and compound toothed ring is applied to replace originals and axial-fixed settings is added to crushing rolls, so as to solve the above problems. Thus, the productivity enhances, and the production costs decrease.

The double toothed roll crusher is a highly efficient and energy saving crushing equipment developed in the international crushing field in the mid to late 1980s. Deya Machinery is one of the earliest companies to produce double roll crusher since 1990. The crushing rolls adopt large tooth shape, small roll diameter, multiple crushing discs and spiral crossed tooth form, which has a strong ability to hold large pieces, less repeated crushing, selective crushing of materials, uniform discharge size, also known as screen crusher.

This model utilizes the characteristics of low bending and shear strength of brittle materials for crushing, low power consumption and large production capacity. The motor drives the reducer through the hydraulic coupling, and the reducer drives the crushing roller to rotate through the toothed coupling. A replaceable tooth crown is fixed on the crushing roller, and a height-adjustable crushing rod is installed under the middle of the two crushing rollers. The material is crushed into products by two toothed rollers rotating relatively and the crushing rod below it.
Double toothed roll crusher
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Double roll crusher, introduction of 2PG900x900 for hard materials fine crushing

Double roll crusher is widely used for crushing low and medium hardness materials, but generally speaking, it is not suitable for crushing hard materials. For this reason, Henan Deya Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed 2PG900×900 double roll crusher for crushing hard materials such as quartzite, and achieved better results.

1. The characteristics of the existing fine crushing equipment

At present, the equipment used for fine crushing of various types of rocks mainly includes cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, vertical crusher and double roll crushers, etc., and some mining sites are equipped with rod mills for sand production as well.

It is found that the market share of φ610mm×400mm double roll crusher is high. Its advantages are simple structure, low price, easy maintenance, no over crushing phenomenon, balanced crushing size, low failure rate, low machine wear and tear. Its wearing parts, namely the rollers are made of high manganese steel, service life of 2 to 3 months. The disadvantage is that the roll size is small, the process capacity is low, which does not meet the current requirements of high capacity and low consumption, and it can only be used for crushing of low and medium hardness materials.

2. Structural features of 2PG900×900 double roll crusher

2PG900×900 double roll crusher has 900mm outer diameter and length of rolls, and its assembly diagram is shown in the following picture
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